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obserview reversing cameras


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Hi everyone ive just joined this forum and wondered if anyone had advice on reversing camera systems?

i have just purchased a fiat Apache Auto trail motor home, it has had a reversing camera installation in the past and the wires suggest it was an obserview camera and monitor.

I've Googled it but find they have gone out of manufacture, typical!!! does anyone know what camera would fit the existing wiring or someone i could ring for advice or maybe where i could get the same camera that was in it originally.

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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums, nidebs.


This earlier thread may be helpful:




It would seem that Sargent Electrical Services were involved with the Wysco Obserview systems fitted to Auto-Trail motorhomes, so (besides using the links suggested by colin) you might try seeking advice from Sargent who may be able to tell you which alternative camera would be suitable, or whether it's still possible to obtain the camera originally used.




I'm not certain from your posting how much of the original Obserview system is left in your Apache. If the Obserview monitor and control-box are still there (and you are confident they work properly!), it may well be worth fitting a new camera. However, if just wiring remains, I'd be tempted to ignore this and install a complete new reversing camera kit where a correct match between camera, monitor and wiring would be a known quantity.

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