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Fiat Ducato 2.8 JTD Coolant Temp Gauge


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Thanks for your suggestion.I replaced the sensor thinking that was a logical approach.Unfortunatetly the fault remains.I have removed the connection from the sensor and inspected the connections which appear to be sound.Not having a wiring diagram I don't know if there are any inline joints in the cable which I assume would find its way back to the coolant temperature gauge
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Remove the plug behind the dashboard binnacle (as you have already done) but leave it off for a while. Better still, use a piece of wire to 'earth' the cable (making sure the ignition is off of course). :D There is a school of thought that it is static electricity that causes the problem.


I take it that you changed the correct sender unit. There are 2 close together. It is the left hand one, inboard of the thermostat.

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This is going to be a connector or more likely an earth problem.


The earth for the dashboard is a surprisingly common source of erratic readings. The temperature guage seems to be the most sensitive. The earth point is behind the fuse cover on the driver's side. Make sure that it is clean and tight.


If this does not cure the problem then you will probably have a poor connection somewhere or a wire that has shorted, or shorts intermittently in the engine compartment. That will be tricky to trace after you have checked obvious contact points.




PS I have another idea....

Please check that your reverse lights work.

If they don't I will go into this more.

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Thank you.

Regarding an earth problem.

I have just had the unit in the garage for a cam belt change and I asked the technician if he could also look at this temp gauge problem.

When I went to collect the vehicle I enquired the status of the temperature gauge and was told that they had found some 'loose' earth connections which they had secured.

When I got into the cab and switched on the ingnition, the temp gauge hit the red line immediatetly.

I brought the technician back to have a futher look and he fiddled with the wiring on the sensor and decided futher investigation was needed.( this needed another appointment)

On driving home, the fuel gauge started to 'creep' up to almost full and then settled to the level I knew was correct.

In conclusion, it appears the common denominator is the earthing point (points)

I will endevour to carry out your advice and do a search for a 'looose' connection.

Again ,thank you to all correspondence.This is my first thread on the forum and appreciate the help I have received and the swift responses.

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There seem to be any number of different cures for this problem on Google, from making a new earth for the gauge, messing about under the fuse box, and changing the sensors, all report it either fixing the problem or it not fixing it.


Ducatos, don't ya just love em :D :D :D :-S :-S

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