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12 V panel problem, help please?


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Am new here and new to mortorhoming also, and was hopeful that someone could point me in the right direction with problem as detailed below.


Recently acquired a Hymercamp 51, Ducato, 1989 model, with Schaudt panel 141.


The fridge fan in this van was seized so decided to replace, all I did was fit new connectors, i.e. no wiring was required since original wiring and switching already present. New fan is 12V, draws 0.22 amps, and start voltage is 5V.


After installation I tested for operation using gas to cool the fridge - all okay.

Then tested on 240V - Was working fine initially, then light above sink flickered and went out, now lights above sink unit, water pump, fridge igniter and lights in shower room and new fan now not working. However, 12V lighting in front end of cabin ARE working in sleeping and seating area.


Water boiler and Truma warm air blowers are working also from 12V system.


Fridge is operating under 240V and 12V when engine is running, all 12V charger sockets are working fine, as are 240V plug sockets.


I've checked and double/triple checked fuses in the fusebox, they are definitely all okay, relays are clicking on/off with engine.


Also, I have checked water pump with independent power source and it does work so there's [hopefully] no reason to believe the fridge igniter has packed up, especially since other bits of kit have ceased to function.


Please does anyone have any idea, or is there a hidden fuse somewhere I could have possibly missed? Or has the panel 141 suffered some electrical damage possibly?


Been all around engine bay and internally everywhere I could possibly manage to get to.


Sorry it's along winded post, and I have searched for similar fault here and elsewhere but not found anything remotely along these lines.


Thanks for any ideas anyone may have to help.



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Have you tried the fridge without the fan connected & what happened. The fan will have been fitted by a previous owner it is not a standard fit. Need to check how it has been wired in if that is what is causing the problem. The fridge should work OK in ambient temperatures up to the mid 20's without a fan.
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