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Discrediting the moderators

donna miller

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It seems to me that the latest trend by our resident troll(s) seems to be to discredit the mods by accusing them of not doing anything about the inane drivel and supposed bullying of said trolls.


Now my own take on this,


(and it is my own opinion, not one shared by or agreed with, by the owners or moderators of this site)


is that it is either the owner(s) or moderators from rival sites attempting to get long standing members of this site to leave and hopefully join one of the others by whatever tactic they can.

It is a well known fact that certain owners of the other Motorhome forums/sites, regularly snoop and check out new members who join them by coming on here and using the search engine to find posts and discover what sort of person is joining them, and they make no effort to hide the fact either.

They resort to PM'ing you and telling you what they claimed have unearthed about your posting style or general attitude towards things in general, especially if you dare to disagree with any of their long standing posters as I did on another forum, telling me he didn't like my style of writing blah, blah blah, he then even went as far as to put it up within the thread in an attempt to make my side of the debate seem unfair.


All's fair in love and war, so they say.

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An interesting 'take' on recent events, Donna.

I had begun to suspect something of the same, particularly following the 'invasion' from M.H.'Fun', recently.

'All may be fair in love & war', as you say, but these are distinctly unfair tactics, where these dreadful 'trolls' seem to be ble to get away with all manner of havoc, 'scot free' without any intervention.




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Yes - I too think you have a valid point here Donna.


The campaign seems to concerted and regular. Most Trolls come and go and pop up now and again.


But this lot (I suspect the work of one individual) seem determined to undermine this site.


And as much as I like this forum because of its lack of overt moderation - I feel the same as you Colin and say that it is a shame that these trolls are causing what is really only a mild nuisance.


It is a bit like going down the pub and finding that someone has let a noisy brat loose and unattended.


No doubt some will wander of to an adults only pub, and some will call upon the landlord to uphold the licensing laws.



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Seems to me that the current invasion of trolls are from the "Travelling" community, as they act in the same manner.


Park where ever they fancy, cause as much disruption as possible, threatening behaviour, then eventually b**ger off. leaving their mess for others to pick up.











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