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Advice needed re replacing cracked side sliding window


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We would be grateful for any advice as we are new to motorhoming. We have just found a crack on the outside sliding window of the rear lounge of our Stardream motorhome - does this need replacing by a garage or could it be repaired? Could we get a replacement window from somewhere and fit it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Iain Strachan - 2013-08-26 11:35 PM


Hi, and welcome, I think you should take your new MH back to where you got it from, ask them to fix. Sliding Window and Shower tray. Or get your money back!


Commonsense advice if Stardream's motorhome was bought from a dealership, but unlikely to produce a result if the vehicle was obtained from a private individual.


There's a longish video-clip here that may be helpful



I don't think it would be possible to repair satisfactorily the cracked plastic pane of a sliding window, but it might be practicable to obtain a replacement pane (rather than needing to purchase a complete replacement window).


I suggest you contact this company for advice:




The company has a good reputation and is mentioned here:




(You might try caravan breakers for a 2ndhand replacement pane/window, but I wouldn't be optimistic.)





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