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Advice needed re cracked shower tray


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We would be grateful for any advice as we are new to motorhoming. We have just found a crack in the bottom of the shower tray - about an inch in diameter and fanning out. Does the whole shower tray need to be replaced or can we cover it/ repair it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you

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Not sure how satisfactory a DIY repair might be unless you can access the underside of the shower-tray where the crack is and apply reinforcing material and (if appropriate) add support to the tray's underside. To do this is likely to involve removal of the tray. There's some generalised discussion here:




You don't say what year your Stardream motorhome is (and I can't recall when that model ceased production), but I'm guessing it's some years old. If that's correct, obtaining an off-the-shelf replacement shower-tray may prove tricky or even impossible.


It used to be practicable (though not cheap) to have a replacement tray made in GRP using the original damaged tray as a pattern, but the preferred professional 'cure' nowadays involves repairing the existing tray in situ and then resurfacing it. An example advert is here:




and there's a recent related forum-thread here:





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