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Jammed power window on Ducato


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Is there anyone out there who can help me? The passenger side window has ceased working and is fixed in the up position. I can hear the relay clicking but it refuses to move. I have removed all the door trims and have unbolted the motor and the slide. The top bolts of the slide are still located in there holes and I am now not sure whether to push them through after wedging the window to stop it free falling or whether I need to remove anything else before doing this. Once I have done this How do I test the motor?

and is there anything else I should look for that can cause this problem.



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I am not sure how you are going to do this. The manual says to lower the glass fully ...great because you cannot.


As far as I recall and can also somewhat see in the manual, the glass is held in a supporting saddle by a clip with a pin and retainer arrangement. There is a pin which locates in a hole in the glass and the pin is held in position by a C clip which is also part of the clip moulding on the end of a thin bit of flexible plastic.


You need to remove the C shaped retainer and then open up the clip so the pin extracts from the hole in the glass. I really cannot see how you will manage this while the glass is at the top. Normally you would lower the glass, remove clip, wind glass back up and then secure the glass in place. Then lower the saddle again without the glass. If anyting you are going to have to work blind, maybe you coud have a look with a mirror and a torch ...I just do not know.


However, it may be, and is quite common, have access to the end of the motor shaft. The ones I have seen on oter vehicles have all had covers over the shaft which have had to be removed, but I believe some do not. Using either an allen key or a screwdriver you can rotate the motor. Often motors stick and just rotating the shaft is enough to free it.


If you cannot see any way of rotating the motor, then is there any way the motor can be removed to allow you do then operate the gearing/cable mechanism...I expect not but may be possible.


This then leaves having to somehow remove the glass retaining clip. Unbolting of the frame assembly complete should allow the glass and frame to drop a few inches . The distance from the lower bolt to the bottom of the door ..maybe this will allow access. Once the glass is detached you raise it up and can secure at the top. Piece of paper over top of frame to protect paint, then use strong sticky tape wrapped over and stick to each side of glass. Plenty of it of course.


I am going to PM nick from Euroserv who helps many with ducato related issues on the forums and ask him to read this thread and help you if he can.

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I believe you own an Adria Coral 680SL.


Fiat has used the "Ducato" name going back to 1981. There have been 3 generations of Ducato and I think (as I can't find any mention of a model-year in your other postings) that your motorhome will be based on the '2nd-generation' Ducato that was produced from 1994-2006. If that's correct, then this Fiat forum thread MAY help as it relates to a 2003 Ducato.




(If your motorhome is not based on a 1994-2006 Ducato, you'll need to say which Ducato it is based on. There's no guarantee that the electric-window mechanism on a pre-1994 or post-2006 Ducato will be identical to that of a 1994-2006 one.)

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Thanks for all suggestions guys will have another look in the morning and see if \\\\ can work it out from the suggestions and links given me. Yes Derek it is in fact an Adria on the 2004 Ducato base so hoping the link you supplied will help.Thanks again to all of you.


Cheers Bertyboy

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