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insurance for motorhome

Brian Peters

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Hi all,

Its that time again to renew my Motorhome insurance, i have been with the same well known insurers for a few years but there premiums seem to be going up rather a lot. Me and my good lady are both Y.A.P.S (young age pensioners) with a 2005 Mercedes based Burstner T-Star 710, i have my wife as a named driver as i believe it is cheaper to do so, but i don't know if i would trust her behind the wheel, she even gets confused in the Smart car (oopps,sorry, a bit sexist) LOL. At the moment we only do about 2,000 miles a year, the Motorhome is kept secure on my driveway at home. My policy has a £300 access on accidental damage £100 fire and theft and £70 glass. I have a 70% ncd protected.My renewal is £449.00.

My question is this, in the opinion of you guys and gals do you think this is a good price or do you know better, i thought i would ask here before trolling through the internet as i have had a lot of great help from people here in the past.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.



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You can't always compare like for like as the premium will also depend on the crime rate in your postcode. They also build in other factors.

We are with Safeguard and have been for about 8 years now as the price has always there or thereabouts and includes European breakdown cover.

I too had my wife on the policy (also believing it lowered it which it doesn't!) but took her off last year as was advised by Safeguard lady (Yes you do speak to humans!) if I became incapacitated and couldn't drive the van, my wife would be expected to drive it home-no matter where we were. Taking her off means the van would now be chauffeured back to my home foc.

My van is also 2005, cost including European breakdown, towing and unlimited European driving is £325.

They give a discount for CC membership, Secure compound and mirror ncd of your car if you don't have a ncb already.

I also insure the bike with Swinton Bikes which is the same company and found them to offer the best cost effective cover for me and my needs.

Give them a call-they may be competitive for you too



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We pay about £280 via Comfort Insurance. Good point by Mike B about having the wife as named driver on the policy. Not being sexist / unkind but my wife could not be trusted to drive the van, apart from on an empty motorway perhaps. If we were abroad and I could not drive for some reason there is no way she could drive us home. Maybe I should have her taken off the policy when we renew.



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There is more to insurance than price, so I would advise getting quotes from firms which specialise in motorhome insurance, and insisting that you get sample policy documents with your quotes. As ever with insurance, the devil is in the detail, and you need to carefully read what is covered, which countries (if planning to go abroad), what else is included apart from the vehicle itself (equipment on board for example), and of course, all those lovely exclusions! With the breakdown services look also at the terms of these, and what is offered if your van breaks down and cannot be driven. Some are more generous with relief vehicle supply or hotel accommodation than others.


IMO, it is only wise to nominate a spouse as a second driver if they are prepared to drive, have the appropriate licence, and already regularly drive the vehicle. Being told to drive a van home, especially if abroad and they have never driven abroad before, in a vehicle of a size they have never driven before, possibly under additional stress due to the condition of their beloved, is not a recipe for a calm and event free trip - especially if you have been medically diagnosed unfit to drive, but are not an immediate "casevac". Also, consider that if you are to be returned home via air ambulance, they may have to tackle the drive single handed. As above, you need to understand, and think through, the implications of the covers offered.

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