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battery display


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lazarus - 2013-09-04 9:14 AM


hi all,

i have fitted a 220 amp leisure battery, but the display panel is showing zero power, when i know it is fully charged and in fact have used it for the last month, can anyone shed any light on this? thanks in anticipation laz

That's a big one Laz!

I'm not likely to be able to answer that; ........but others definately will: IF you say which display, and on what van

regards and welcome

alan b

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At the risk of being simplistic, either the display is broken or it is not connected.

Not connected includes the possibility of a blown fuse or loose or dirty connection somewhere along the line?

When did it last work and what have you altered since then?

By displaying 'power' do you mean a voltmeter or led lights?

Can you remove the 'display' whatever it is and connect directly to a battery to verify it still works?

A bit more info would certainly help to clarify the issue.

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