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Dunkerque to St tropez route advise please


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Hi Everyone


We are going Dunkerque to St Tropez region this week for 3 weeks and looking for a suggestion as to the route, we want to avoid using toll roads ive looked on michelin planner and found a route through Belgium, Luxembourg , switzerland ( i know about the vigilante to drive through switzerland) but it dosnt really affect the cost that much than when travelling through France , the best thing is the motorway driving of around 450 free miles but if we went through France on the National Roads we would be looking at around 160 free motorway miles . any suggestions really welcome from anyone who can advise which route to take.



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Choices, choices! :-)


Dunkerque to St Tropez by toll road is about 725 miles and 1.5 days, driving 8 hours per day with a one hour meal break (Only for those with strong bladders! :-))


Via Belgium, but avoiding Switzerland and its vignette, and otherwise avoiding toll roads altogether by coming back into France via Mulhouse and Dijon, is about 825 miles and 2.5 days, on the same basis.


Higher cost, shorter, quicker vs lower cost, longer, and slower. It all depends what you want, and how you prefer to travel. There are so many potential routes, each with their advantages and disadvantages.


I suggest getting a Michelin 1:1,000,000 scale Grands Routes map of France, on which the toll motorway sections are clearly marked, opening it out, stretching a piece of string between Dunkerque and St Trop, and seeing how that looks. Then, vary the result to use the roads you prefer, staying as close a feasible to the straight line. There is no one size fits all preferences answer to this question. Any route will get you there, just the travel time and cost, and what you see en-route, will vary between one and another. Whichever you choose, the journey will be part of the fun. Broadly, it will take about a week for the return journey, giving you two weeks there.

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