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Gadget Man TV show - interesting equipment ....

Mel B

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I've just recently watched an episode of the Gadget Man show which I'd recorded and thought a couple of things on there might appeal to motorhomers.


1. Pico Arm Chair - a folding director-style chair which goes very small, the size of a laptop and is quite robust, the price on Amazon is £63.99 plus £12.95 postage, so isn't cheap but if space is tight and/or you want something that will last, it may be worth considering.


Pico Arm Chair


2. Taga Bike Stroller - it is both a tricycle and a stroller/load carrier which I can see being useful especially nowadays as people are more into cycling but I thought it might be of interest to some motorhomers as it seems to have other benefits other than those for the parent/baby market. It converts quickly and easily from one to the other, so once you've cycled to your destination and want to have a walk around with young kiddies, you at least have a stroller for them so don't end up having to carry them everywhere. However, there are quite a few motorhome owners who have mobility/balance problems but are able to ride a tricycle and the advantage of this over a normal tricycle is that when you get to your destination and need some sort of support whilst pottering around, you also can use it in 'stroller mode' as a rollator/walker. The 'baby seat' can be removed and the tricycle itself can then be put on a motorhome bike rack.


Taga Bike Stroller



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