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Keeping the bugs out


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Hi, Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions to help me overcome a problem.

We've just got back from a pleasant week at CCs camp site at Ludham bridge on the broads. Whilst there we noticed a few bugs in the van (2012 Bessie E460) they were all the same sort and seem to appear round the vent at the back of the oven which in turn is next to the fridge. When we got back home we gave the van a usual thorough clean through before taking it back to storage. Whilst SWMBO was cleaning inside I decided to take the two outside vents off which are behind the fridge and discovered the root of the problem. There were loads of these bugs gathered between the vents and the mesh panels which are behind and some were obviously getting round the edge of the panels and hence inside.

So I guess I need to seal up this small gap round edges of these panels but at the same time not making it permanent as it's necessary to remove these for fridge maintenance or repair etc. So I reckon it's no good using a silicone bead or double sided tape (the gap is too small to get fingers behind) hence I wondered if anyone else has had this problem or be able to suggest a good method to seal these of but at the same time being able to get them out.

Thanks for any help and it would be much appreciated.

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One swallow doesn't make a summer.


We have been subject to a few insect swarms (some serious) but it's a pretty infrequent occurrence and not worth over-reaction.


If I were in your position I'd leave well alone for now and if it turns out to be a frequent occurrence stress about it then.


Chances are it'll rarely happen. You were probably in exactly the wrong place at exactly the right time.

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