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We've not had any problems so far. French filling stations were very helpful, as were French motorists who were being held up by inexperienced Brits. We've toured in France, Germany, Belgium and Croatia, and countries en route and have had no problems. Only had to refill once in 3+ years, tank capacity is, 25Litres, STAKO tank. Summer touring 25 Litres lasted 6 weeks plus.

Glad we didn't have refillables,


alan b

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Managed to get a 38litre under slung tank on our PVC which gives us a good range for the winter trip to Spain. Not had any problems finding places to fill up here or abroad.


Corrosion is a serious problem with the standard, very thin bands that hold the tank to the carrier and some installions I have seen use these bands to support the tank rather than a cradle. We had heavy duty bands fitted (bolted through the chassis members) at Autogas 2000 near Thirsk, North Yorkshire who also do stainless steel bands.



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