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Autotrail High Tech Control Panel

Tony Norton

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Hi All,


our recently acquired 1999 Auto-trail Mohican has the control panel named above, which can be seen at: -




I've been having a little trouble with the function of the internal pump control switch in that, on switching off, it sometimes refuses so to do and displays the water level instead. Repeated pressing sometimes achieves the desired result but mostly it is necessary to turn off the 12V, which turns off everything, and then turn it on again.


Steve, the "ex plug in" man who is supplying me with a new fascia, has been very helpful, but admits that he is not an electronic engineer. I have had the unit apart and checked out all the PCB connections, and removed, checked and re-fitted the switch itself which was found to be O.K.


Has anybody had a similar experience with this panel? If you have, what cure would you suggest?


I would suspect that, at the age it is, there would not be a new unit available. Although there are a number of outlets selling Plug-in parts I can find no current info about the company itself. Are they still trading? If so can anybody supply contact details?


Thanks in advance for any help offered.


Tony N

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