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New Spanish Aires


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Heads up for those looking to explore Spain a few more recently opened Aires, the co.ords are fairly accurate, you wont find all these on Google Earth . Spain seems to be really pushing forward in this area which has to be good news for us locals and visitors alike.

I you want more information on each location you should visit ...



…........scroll down the right hand side for more details.


Agreda (Soria) 41.847433° -1.930144°


Huercal Overa 37.398465° -1.946791°


Sos del Ray Catalico 42.491007° -1.213965°


Rialp 42.439893° 1.133064°


San Clemente de La Mancha 39.398840° -2.433265°


Baltanas 41.934730° -4.247795°


Astudillo (Palencia) 42.189318° -4.300392°


Navelgas (Tineo) 43.404056° -6.541627°


Cantavieja (Teruel) 40.525908° -0.407436°


Mieres 43.251403° -5.780143°




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Guest JudgeMental
well spotted Brian..shame they're not available as a complete set of POI..as heading down to spain monday. nothing easier then looking for a halt on sat nav when on route....
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I have the campingcar download on my tomtom and google earth on the laptop and they are not there that's why I have listed them so you can add them manually. They may appear over the next few months as the site gets updated.
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Guest searchforsites

Added them to my database

Link in signature.


Good website for info albeit in Spanish and testing google translate to the max!, thanks for the link Brian

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