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Hi, Just doing a handover for a new motorhome and have been offered the above additional insurance.Would appreciate any thoughts

Kind regards


Don't go through dealer have a look on internet ,we changed the car offered GAP insurance 330.00 with Citroen ,Got same deal on internet 120..00

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Insurance companies will price these types of products to make a profit. Which means that in most cases a customer will not make a claim on these policies.

It depends on how likely you are to have an accident or have the vehicle stolen within the duration of the policy. Of course you cannot really answer that but the insurance companies will look at historic data and get their maths boffins to perform a probability calculation. They will then price the policies in their favour.

Just like if you are playing roulette in a casino. On average the casino will win more times than it looses.


But you pays your money if you think it gives you piece of mind.

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I view it as another money making scam, (a bit like PPI was until they got found out) and turn it down every time we buy a new car!


And as Johnerontheroad says, any good insurance policy should already offer new for old cover so why bother.



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As with a ll insurance you pays your money or takes a chance. What you have to remember is that these days many insurance companies prefer to write your vehicle off after a crash and offer a somewhat dubious "market value" to settle your claim.The reason they do this is because of labour and parts repair costs, it is sometimes cheaper for them to pay you out and then sell the vehicle on to a third partly who will repair it on the cheap and put it quite legally back on the road. So possibly through no fault of your own you could lose your vehicle and not have enough money paid out to replace it.

The problem is worse it you have a hire purchase agreement on the vehicle which must be settled if the vehicle is written off.

Also remember to read the small print on gap policiy, if you choose to buy one, as they do not all cover the same circumstances, and pay attention to the amount of time it covers you outside of the uk, as some have a restrictive time period.

Whilst as has been said already most insurances on new vehicles will cover new for old for the first year gap policies can have a deferred start date to recognise this.

As with any insurance the cheapest policy is not always the one that is the best value!


Hope this helps



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Many thanks to all who contributed to my query.I'm very grateful.

I declined the offer of GAP on the strength of cover I'm receiving on my own insurance policy.

At the time of purchasing my motorhome it was something else to think about and at the time I was unsure.

Kind regards,


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