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Door speaker connectors and advice please.

Zydeco Joe

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Am looking to fit a radio speaker into cab doors on my 2005 Fiat Ducato. I think I will need 165mm/6.5 inch speakers but new speakers have what looks like 2 bayonet fittings and inside my cab doors are a small block (yellow I think).

Will I need a adaptor to connect the 2 speaker wires ?.

Any advice on fitting and what speakers I do not want to spend much on this if I can help it have found some speakers for less than £20.00.

The sound in the van when parked up is fine as I have two rear speakers but the sound from the front dashboard speakers is poor while traveling.

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Don't know if you can change sound from front to back but front speakers are not very good just the dash speakers from FIAT.


As for £20 speakers being no good they will be better than the ones at the moment lol

they are reduced price ones so I will check out before buying them.

Any one with idea on the connectors please as all speaker look to have the same 2 connectors.


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