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Is Clegg going to shoot himself in the foot?


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I hadn't realised until this week's PMQs, that 60% of these "Green taxes" had supposedly been implemented by the Tories anyway....

So if that is true(and to be taken at "face value")then just how Cameron has the neck to stand up and blame Miliband for them, is beyond me! (...especially when the Tories supported/voted for, the "green initiatives" that were implement under Labour)..."Vote Blue, go Green"... *-)


OT...Weren't these "FIT"s(and panels on your roof malarkey) that some are benefitting from, brought in by the same Ed Miliband, that these same people like to ridicule and slag off...? :-S


..and if Cameron is going to look at cutting back "green" subsidies, I'd like to hear the chat with his in-laws.. (lol)


(a couple of years old..but ironic none the less.. ;-) )

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Oh yes Richard - I too will be happy when I get my panels on. I am not saying having panels on your own home is a bad idea - quite the reverse.


I am saying that building huge bat and bird chomping follies that only work when the wind blows not too hard and obviously enough to move the damn blades on already rich people land and give them the proceeds of "Green Taxes" to do so is deep flawed logic.


My take is that we should all try to become as independent of the utility companies as we possibly can.


When I am in the caravan I can run my laptop and TV etc off a leisure battery and that can be topped up by solar panels. Why can we not do much the same in our houses?


The prospect of this "going off grid" scares the powers that be such that the Spanish Government has even tabled a law to make doing this illegal! 8-)




But such stupidity could not happen here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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Is the Spanish situation similar to what we would be/are approaching?(..basically, not being able to afford to pay folk to have this stuff anymore?)...or is it just that they're not raising enough tax elsewhere..?


In this day and age I don't think a house should be allowed to be built, unless it incorporated some degree of solar panel/heat exchanger type system..just enough to meet it's own needs.

(Jeeez! they're still banging on about insulating lofts!...they were on about that when I was a kid!).


Also new homes/buildings should have some form of water reclamation system(..why are we flushing the loo,with some of the cleanest water in the world?!) ....


Tracker..I don't think anyone would have a problem with you having your panels..after all, it'd be a poor show if a society couldn't look after it's elderly, infirm and vulnerable citizens... (lol)


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