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Electric step warning light not working


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Hello All,

I have a four year old Burstner Solano which has a warning light on the dash to let you know if you have forgotten to retract the step when you drive off. Worked fine until our last trip so was put down on the "to do" list.

Over the last couple of days I have been checking everything I can think of trying to rectify the problem. Had the actual bulb holder out of the dash and wired up to a slave battery - light came on no problem. The bulb holder has an all white wire and a white wire with a red stripe attached to it that then head for the dashboard Fuse tray - cannot find exactly which fuse it goes to so checked them all - all fuses okay.

For good measure checked all the under bonnet fuses - everything okay.

Read in the manual that the step is controlled by the Schaudt Elektroblock so checked all the EBL 99's fuses as well as those on the adjacent Schaudt Adapter AD01 (I noted that a pair of white wires, one with a red stripe, goes into this device) - once again all seems okay.

Got covered in muck and skinned some knuckles taking off the black plastic weather protector on the actual step and checked for anything wrong (including the activating switch which the step depresses when it closes) -all seemed okay there!!!


Its a common set-up so I am wondering if anyone can help? Is there an in-line fuse somewhere that I have missed, for example?


Grateful for any help.

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It will almost definitely be the switch on the step itself. In general they use a bog standard "pin" switch, like a door switch for interior lights but as it is under the vehicle it is in ll the muck and wet that gets thrown up at it. corrosion sets in and a high resistance is the reslut causing "Step out" buzzers or lights to not work.



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The following links include OmniStep wiring diagrams:






As vindiboy advises, if you earth the wire (that leads from the step to the warning light) at the step end and the light illuminates, then the switch should be the culprit. If the light does not illuminate, then there's a fault between the step-switch and the light (eg. a loose connection, broken wire).

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David, Vindiboy, and Derek!

Three bright stars shining on my step related problem! Thank you all very much for pointing me back at the switch.

Will re-strip in the next day or so and let you know what happens.

Thanks again

I just love this forum!

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Following David, Vindiboy and Derek's advice, I once again removed the plastic cover that "protects" the motor and wire connections of my Omnistep. I then took the live wire to earth as advised and, hey presto, the warning light on the dash lit up - just as they said it would!

I have now drilled out the alloy pop rivet that was anchoring the switch to the cover and also connecting the earth wire to the unit. The connections were filthy. Now thoroughly cleaned up and fitted with a small brass bolt with lock washer etc and fitted back together (with a drop of solder for good measure). Everything now working as it should.

Once again, many thanks for your help, gentlemen!

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