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Remoska. Temperature control. hmmmm?


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Just been to Poland to see the in laws. Being close to the republic of remoskalovakia I thought I'd go hunting. The local Currys / PC World lookalike shop had an astonishing aluminum affair with top and bottom elements and connectors that I'm sure I saw in auntie's electric kettle and iron circa 1950. We didn't buy that,despite the fact it was only £30


Then we found a brand new Lakeland remoska for 140 zloty (@5/£) on Polish ebay "allegro.pl". It came back hand luggage and we're introducing ourselves to it tonight, yes.. chicken legs... Bubbling away merrily as I type.


Here's my question... Do other users ever find the need to turn down the temperature? The recommendation seems to be turn it off fr a few minutes but I wonder if a lighting dimmer might do the trick?


The element is 470watt and I "think" some old style rotary dimmers could handle up to 500w. But I don't know if they were resistive or pwm and if the latter, what would be the effect on the element?


Any electro mechanical brains out there able to propose an answer

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Thank you so much for these incredibly helpful links.. It may surprise you but I have already explored them and had it not been for my incredible good fortune in finding a bit of kit priced in the uk at £120 for less than 1/4 of the price I might well have bought a czchek cooker or a tefal lookalike..


My consideration now is not whether I trade in my remoska for something else ... czchek cooker or tefal lookylikey but




Simple question I thought. Calm down. watch strictly count to 20

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My thoughts are that a good old fashioned "Simmerstat" would be a reliable and safe option, They simply turn on and off at intervals depending where the knob is set. There are more modern versions that are electronic rather than the old bimetal switch type.


You would need a box and knob and there would be some mains voltage wiring to do so it has to be done right.


A light dimmer is for dimming lights, they wouldn't last long switching 475w, they are prone to failure just running a 60w bulb!



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Did some wiki research today (as in wickes, nothing like edward snowdon) and discovered even the 400w light dimmers are quite expensive @ £18 ish, so I guess a 600w unit will be pretty near the price of simmerstats, - about £23


Think I'll take a trip to the council dump this week and see if I can extract a S.Stat from an old cooker.


The reason for my quest is that in my view, it's a shame the Remoska thing is quite limited in scope. Great for roasting and baking, - and our first attempt at roast chicken, potatoes and parsnips was an unparallelled success, - but being unable to use it as a slow cooker seems an unfortunate disadvantage.


It's quite bulky to carry around, and I'd like to use it as much as possible, especially as we'll be in Spain this winter and the 430w consumption is ideally suited to limited current supplies that we've encountered in the past.


If you are motivated to comment, please refer to my OP which explains how I came to acquire one. In retrospect I might have been better off buying a Koolatron. It looks identical - with similar power consumption, - but incorporates a temperature /power control.


Any Koolatron owners who DO use their device as a slow cooker, - please comment







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