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Fenwicks overwintering.


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Hi folks, I sent some time yesterday giving the outside of the van a wash with Fenwicks caravan cleaner, and then used the Overwintering mix.


Does this stuff work any miracles or should I not bother in future, but just use water (even that is expensive these days) Van is coachbuilt in case it is relevant.


any comments?



Sorry folks, finger trouble first time




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Waste of time unless you have no option but to lay up your motorhome.


Fenwicks make good products, not necessarily better than others, that tend to do what they claim. So I am sure your motorhome will be easier to clean in the spring after use. How easy will depend on how it is stored. If it's too easy because your motorhome has been stored under cover, for example, then it is probably a waste of time.


The greater waste of time is as Lenny points out. You should use your motorhome regularly throughout the year. If you do, you will not need to use Fenwicks overwinterising because you will be cleaning the motorhome through the winter.


If I was not using the motorhome over winter, I would be less worried by how easy it is to clean in spring and more worried about the state of the mechanicals and interior fittings.


It was a good idea to give the motorhome a good going over.

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