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Hull...City of Culture 2017!!!


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PJay - 2013-11-23 10:19 AM


Would be sad if Scotland left us, BUT if we had to have another Labour Government, then BYe Bye



Sorry, but you are being a teeny wee bit pompous. Scotland is not leaving England, we were never taken over by England. It merely wants the ability to manage its own affairs as an independent country. Wales may or may not want to do the same if they see it working well, and sooner or later it is probable Northern Ireland will join Eire. Then the United Kingdom will cease to exist. Whether this is good or bad is as I have already mentioned, unclear for any party. Although it is frequently trotted out that we Scots get more per head than England (must remember to collect the bonus and get to the boozer) it could also be pointed out that we contribute more tax per head than England.


The Scandinavian countries manage to co exist very happily but remain self governing nations, so why not here? It is possible that after time the 2 countries would get along far better as all the current 'irritations' could be removed.


It is ironic that the last time we had such a Referendum a majority voted in favour of separation, but Westminster changed the goalposts, plus they had just been told how much the oil was worth. One could ask what the current situation would have been if that result had been allowed to stand. You could look on the bright side, you would not have had G Brown emptying the coffers.


I have no idea what the result will be this time but suspect a No vote will carry the day, again due to lack of information and fear of the unknown. I also suspect that following that decision our biggest export will again be young people looking for a better life elsewhere, and then we will have to import more immigrants to fill the space. Not a recipe for success as the English know better than us.

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