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Fiat fuel pipe problem


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Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem. We put our 2005 fiat 2.8 Swift motorhome in for a service at a local commercial garage 4 weeks ago. Always excellent service from them. During the change of the fuel filter there was a problem with the pipe from the pump to the filter, it had been damaged due to it being brittle.

This is a rapid release fuel pipe.

The problem occurs in trying to source a replacement pipe. They are in contact with the Fiat main dealers and have supplied all the relevant vin number etc. So far they have had four different pipes delivered and none are correct. They last one was the correct shape and bore but the connectors were at the wrong angle.

They have now supplied photos etc but the problem is always waiting for parts to come in from Italy as there do not seem to be any in the UK. We are now really getting worried as were are booked on euro tunnel on the 27th Dceember. It was so much easier when hoses were connected using jubilee clips.

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I don't know why this should be such a problem for the dealer to supply the correct pipe. There must be an inaccuracy in the parts disc somewhere but I am sure that they will get to the bottom of it. There have only been two types of fuel filter on the 2.8JTD. The early (before 2005) is a metal canister type (UFI) and the later one is a plastic cylinder with a paper element inside made also by UFI and this appeared during 2005.


If the dealer is having problems they could try substituting some different registration numbers to make sure that the right set up is being looked at.


If yours has a silver metal canister you could us FE53UKG as an example and if it is a black plastic cylinder you could ask them to try MT06TKE. These are vehicles from our past fleet that are definite examples of pre and post 2005 specifications. I hope it helps.


I have spoken to our local diesel specialist and surprisingly nobody makes quick connectors for these systems that can be connected to rubber pipes; so it would appear there is little chance of getting something made up for the job. Not clever.



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