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Electrical Problem


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It might help to know the motorhome's year of manufacture as Hobby has used the "600" model-designator repeatedly since the 1980s.


I happen to have a 2004 Hobby User Manual and the photos of the control-panels indicate that two different electrical systems were then being installed. One (as fitted to my Transit-based T-600 model) is plainly a CBE-made system, but the other (with a much more complex panel) is clearly not. Photo 6 on this webpage shows that control-panel.




On-line comments suggest that the latter system involves a Schaudt "Electroblock", but I don't know if that's correct. (It also needs saying that earlier Hobby 600s have a quite different control-panel.)


The 2004 Hobby User Manual indicates that, (for both types of electrical system) when the battery-charger is operating, the leisure-battery and engine-battery should both receive charge, with priority being given to the leisure-battery.


Confirmation is needed (as lennyhb says) that, whilst on hook-up, the battery-charger successfully charged the engine-battery in the past, and whether or not the battery-charger charges the leisure-battery now.


It will also be necessary to provide as much detail as possible about the electrical system fitted to the motorhome.




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