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North East USA


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Hello All,

We are going to hire a motorhome out of Toronto next autumn and head north and east and ultimately south.

Can anyone who has experience of this area give me any estimates of site fees per night and/or the need to use sites?

The other thing is when is the optimum time for the Fall leaf display?

Any info would be appreciated.



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Hi Alan,


No experience of motorhoming in this area but we did a coach trip last year and are returning with a hire car this year. The fall colours vary depending on the weather we did first week in Oct last year and it appears we were a little late in some areas as the trees were bare but the further south and low down it was OK.


We are returning this year early Sept.


One other point to be aware of Alamo rental do not allow you to take hire cars cross borders so check with yours to ensure you can go from Canada to the US.


No knowledge of site fees but there were plenty of vans on the roads.

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Well, I haven't done any RVing here since we shipped the Winnebago to Europe, but when we did, we always started from Toronto and often explored the NE. We used to pay about $20 USD for a reasonable site - looking at the links below, there seems to have been radical increases since we last did this in 2007.


Very hard not to use sites. Walmarts, Cracker barrel parking lots, & truck stops (like Flying J) are generally the "aires" of North America and are not engaging or well located unless you are catching some sleep on a long haul, which wouldn't be the case for you. Freeway rest stops are used also, but the same cautions apply as in Europe.


Campgrounds can be quite expensive. The most reasonable and the nicest to stay in are State/Provincial ones.


Figure on $20 - $50USD with electric.


If you google the states you plan to travel in, you'll find sites that list the parks with charges.


Like this one for NY State Parks:




For private campgrounds, this site gives a pretty good search option - you'll be able to assess costs by picking a State, town or zip code and see what's available..




For Ontario, here are similar links:


Provincial Parks:








Unfortunately, you won't find the same aires/stellplatze/freecamping culture that you find on the Continent in Europe.


Happy Travels

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