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Mercedes 2.2 auto


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Here you are from google.



Urban Fuel 28 mpg


Extra Urban 40.9 mpg


Combined 34.9 mpg


Theoretical Range to Empty


576 miles


Fuel cost per 12,000 miles £2,160 or £0.18 per mile


Cost of Fuel (per litre) £1.382 - Diesel


Cost per Gallon of Diesel £6.28 - Diesel

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Hi Barry, you are not thinking of selling that super layout Hymer 650. Having been a Merc owner I expect it is hard to even think of anything else. I know it is not really relevent to you question, but our old Fiat 2.3 engined ( Bolero ) has been giving just over 28 mpg, fill up to fill up over the last three checks, that is whilst towing our scoot on a trailer. We did however have to have a new regulator fitted in the alternator, guess who produced the BOSCH UNIT ! Our Bolero has now clocked up just over 20,000 miles and that is the only thing that has gone wrong, better touch my head, opps, wood . Bernie T
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hymer1942 - 2014-01-08 10:42 PMCan someone with the above give me an idea on MPG.


My 2010 - 316CDI Long Wheel base only did 20mpg from new but has gradually improved and now does 27mpg on the autobahn. (Currently on about 23,500 miles) A very nice feature is the constant mpg indicator which shows how driving technique can really make a difference.


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Guest JudgeMental
hymer1942 - 2014-01-16 6:40 PM


Hi Eddie, Hymer have a new low profile on a Merc at the show this month. M L-T off to Spain next week and will go home via Bielefeld in March to have a look, Barrie


MLT Looks a really nice camper, and a lot less eye watering then the price of a La Strada Nova!



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From what we hear this week regarding VW and their 'adjusted' diagnostic readings. Can we believe anything that comes from computerised motoring equipment?


Since computers were installed in motor vehicles I've discarded all technical results.


Barrie, like many query the MPG, the real and only answer is, point a wet finger at the sky to test the wind direction, it will cost you more driving against the wind than with it.




PS Aha ... Oi mite be old fashioned and grotty but there's nowt like an old brain !

for simple answers.



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The only trip computers that i ever found to be accurate were on Vauxhall cars. I have watched the 'range' fall to zero and literally run out of fuel at that time!


Most modern trip computers are inaccurate by around 10% and it is probably no coincidence that most speedo's also read high by that amount. I don't take much notice of the Fiat computer readings other than as an indication of how things are going and for an equally inaccurate comparison between different engines in the range!


When you want the facts, it's time to get the calculator out.


If you want my predictions from the sidelines regarding VW and the cheating fiasco?


I reckon VW will be broken up quickly to protect some of the un-tarnished brands. Then BMW will be found to have been doing the same thing in Europe. It's going to get messy.

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