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Safefill co uk


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I have aquired a leaflet on the above,with limited info other than its a refillable LPG cylinder. This would be ideal when abroad, we usually take six weeks if the weather is cold i am concerned that we will run out of gas.

Any info would be great, ( price/size workability etc )

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If you use the forum search facility you will find quite a few threads where they have been discussed.


Main disadvantage of them is they are only single hole bottles which means to fill them you have to disconnect the regulator and fill via the outlet connection this is often not acceptable on garage forecourts.


If it is weight you are concerned with an Alugas cylinder is lighter and not that much more expensive and it can be plumbed in with an external filler point.


As for size it depends on your usage an 11kg (22Lt) bottle lasts us 2 - 3 weeks (less than a week in winter). Others can get by for months on the same amount if they use sites & EHU.

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This link will show all Out&AboutLive forum threads that contain a "Safefill" reference.




The Safefill website (that includes prices) is here




You need to be aware that, because of the Safefill bottle's particular design of filler/outlet, special adapters are needed for refilling in countries that do not use the UK-norm 'bayonet' fitting. These adapters are shown here




The unique feature of the Safefill bottle is its translucency, allowing the amount of LPG remaining in the bottle to be accurately and visually established. But (in my view) this capability is significantly outweighed by the disadvantages lennyhb has mentioned.


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The company is where I had my car converted to lpg.

I assume they called it "safefill" because of the concerns that it wasn't!

An interesting option, I looked at it for a while and chatted to the owner, but was offered a second hand gaslow system and went for that.

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