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A TV to show the 'animal' side of you ....

Mel B

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Mel B - 2014-01-10 7:21 PM


If you want a TV which reflects your 'animal' nature this might be right up your street! :BigGrin:




Mel, this is TV taking the p***!!

Thanks to TV, since I retired I've adopted 2 snow leopards and 3 abused donkeys. I've bought a steam cleaner and have only just avoided buying a 5 wheel mobility carriage and a stairlift.

If nobody understands this, try watching ITV3 in the afternoon. :D

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Guest pelmetman
peter - 2014-01-10 8:23 PM


Would you be interested in adopting an 110Yr old irascible but very loving and funny Jack Russell bitch?. :D


I think your CV needs work Peter :-S........................ :D

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