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Two of our favorite places in Provence:
Arles - beautiful city and former home of Van Gogh. The Roman ruins and the rest of the town are spectacular. 
The Aire in the carpark by the North Gate is now a municipal park, but the service point is still there to use. The Aire has been moved just up the road and adjacent to the new Buspark on Chemin des Segonnaux. There are only 5 spaces. The nearest camping ground is City Camping on  Route de la Crau about a kilometre away from the town centre.
Grasse - a hilltop town above Cannes, known as the fragrance capital of the world. A visit to Villa Musée Fragonard is a must for the ladies. 
There are no nearby Aires. The nearest camping ground is Camping La Paoute on Route de Cannes at  Mouans Sartoux just south of Grasse. Or Le Ranch on Chemin St Joseph at Le Canet in Cannes (where we always stay). 
There are local buses from Cannes to Grasse that leave from the Gare Autobus (the mural on the front of the building is worth the trip alone if you are a movie buff).
Cannes is also worth a visit. It is an unexpected surprise. The walk through the old town up to the Notre-Dame de l'Espérance on the hill overlooking the town is worth it when you see the view from the courtyard. 
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