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Cello-19-C19103FQ-Full-HD-LED TV


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My Cello arrived this week via friends from the UK .Removed all the separate units, remotes, all the wiring and change over switches, now have a spare cupboard. Fitting the TV required a new back plate being made as the fixing centres are different.

The picture is excellent the single remote is easy to use, sound is a may be little tinny for some but for me its OK

Really like the USB outlet for recording programmes. The Satellite receiver is as strong as the Pace 1000 it replaced and can get Spanish digital Terrestrial Channel with a small external aerial and it automatically changes the language to English on the appropriate programmes.


Bought it here with free PP in the UK.




Now have Pace 1000 ,7" DVD player, 19" LED TV, TDT Receiver for Sale Any body interested and passing this way drop me a line.



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