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Going to Spain can anyone help with cheap stop overs


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Hi, we are new to motor homing and we are having a month moving around Spain and back through France, Santander and back home from Roscoff, we have Camping Cheques but find that there are not very many from Santander across to Barcellona, can anyone help with some cheap sites that are nice. Is it worth joining the ACSI too? Regards Deborah



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Hi Deborah,


Welcome to the madhouse where advice is free and diverse opinions even more free!


We and many others find Vicarious Books publications to be generally reliable for finding stopovers.


They are not the cheapest but being easy to use they have saved us many times their cost over the years and we regularly use both the Spain and the France editions.




Camperstop Europe is also very good as it also includes a wide variety of 'unofficial' but 'tolerated' stopover places too but it seems less well researched as some are not always there when you arrive so it can be less dependable but it is worth carrying.


Tips -


Arrive early if you want to be sure of a spot on popular Aires - sometimes as early as mid morning!


Carry as wide a variety of tap adapters as you can as there is no such thing as a standard tap in Spain! Hozelock snap on and garden hose type screw on are both popular for threaded taps but there are several different size of threads used! A couple of different size flexible rubber insert type press on tap adapters that you clamp up to the tap are handy too.


The law in Spain, as in France, allows you to park anywhere a car does unless it specifically says no Motorhomes - Autocaravanas - as long as you are parked and not camping - so no awnings, bbqs, chairs, laundry etc in theory. If you do this, and many of us do, just use a modicum of common sense about where you stop and the visual impact on the locals. That said the local Police are more active in moving vans along in some areas than others - particularly coastal areas along the Med.


For safety reasons it is best not to stay on any Motorway service areas overnight and particularly along the Med coast motorways we do not even leave the van unattended!


If you pull into a nice looking spot but notice piles of broken safety glass on the ground - don't leave the van unattended and lock the doors when inside.


Paranoid? Well maybe - but better safe than sorry!

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Depends when you are going to Spain.

ACSI well worth it IMO, as long as you are not going july/Aug, as not accepted then.

I agree CC are not very useable, we have tried them, but not as good as ACSI, AND you have to pay up front for them

Have a good trip, and by the way welcome to the forum


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flyboyprowler - 2014-01-20 6:20 PM


Another vote here from another newbie! Three stops so far in Spain, and with the card, around 13€ a night.


Enjoy the trip, and do take care! :-D


Using Aires, and approved safe free parking locations, we spent three weeks in Northern Spain last year and spent less than 13 euros in total on overnights - so we ate out more instead!


We are all different and I fully understand that for some folk the perceived security of a site is attractive, but it might be worth having a look at some Aires, or locations you come across where other vans are parked, to judge for yourself whether it has any appeal foryou?

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