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Gas fridge help


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Hi there my wife and I have just bought our fist campervan a 1998 transit conversion it has a gas fridge wich being campers for the previous 20 years we have never used one of these I just wanted to know if once it is started do you have to turn it off when travelling or is it safe and legal to have it operational while driving any advice would be much appreciated



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Seconded - No.


Unless you have a crash safe gas system it is also good advice to turn your cylinders off when travelling.


And remember NEVER EVER to drive onto a petrol station forecourt with your fridge alight, the consequences do not bear thinking about!



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Welcome to the Out&AboutLive forums.


Some countries have laws that would forbid driving a vehicle with a refrigerator operating on gas, while others do not. (I believe it would not be illegal to do this in the UK.) But, for safety reasons, it's definitely not recommended.


Motorhomes are usually fitted with 3-way refrigerators that can operate from gas, mains 230V electricity, or 12V electricity provided by the motorhome's alternator - so there should be no need to run this type of fridge on gas while driving your motorhome.


This Caravan Club file provides useful advice on operating a 3-way fridge.




(If your fridge is made by Electrolux/Dometic and you can identify which model it is (There's usually an identification label inside) you may be able to download a User Manul for it if you haven't already got one.)


As you've no caravanning experience to draw on, you will be on a steep learning curve with your motorhome, and the best and quickest way for you to gain background information would be to obtain a specialist book.


Either of these would be a good choice






The scope of ""Go Motorhoming and Campervanning" is shown here




It's essentially in two sections, one covering 'technical' issues and the other dealing with 'usage' with particular emphasis on usage abroad.


John Wickersham's "The Motorcaravan Manual" concentrates much more on the 'technical' side of motorcaravanning rather than on usage.


"Go Motorhoming.." is currently available via Amazon for £11.99 and "The Motorcaravan Manual" for £14.51 - if cost isn't a factor I suggest that you buy both. Otherwise, you may find that your local library will be able to obtain them for you on loan.

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