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vehicle battery on fiat ducato


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Hi and welcome,

Engine battery or leisure? what location are you talking about? Fiat could be engine battery and the water coming in via windscreen scuttle but in fairness you need to give more info in order to get a sensible answer. It is possible that your problem can be solved with a windscreen cover of silver screens or taylor made type. They shoot the water beyond the scuttle.


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Vehicle battery! so we can assume engine battery.

Ducato - which model? so we can answer specically.


The pre 2002 Ducatos were prone to water on the battery , I think because there was no rubber seal on the wing flange to the bonnet. Best soution I gather is a battery cover, but worth checking any seams where water travels down to make sure all seams and jpimt sin panels are sealed.


If 2002/06 model then there should not be water on battery, check seams on flanges around wing etc are sealed and rubber around flange above battery seals onto the flange and add some sealent to lip and replace rubber.


Thats my pennies worth at the mo.

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