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I see from another thread that Eddie is shortly collecting his new van from a dealer in Germany.


I know there are a few of you on here who do likewise, citing cost savings and LHD among other reasons.

It might be useful to know of individual dealers you have used previously and who you personally would be happy to use again.


(I've worded it that way just to avoid the word "recommend" in case you're put off by possible repercussions. :D )



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For Hymer you will not get a better price than Campirama in Belgium. They are a family run company that have been the sole distributor in Belgium for Hymer since the early 60's.


Downside is they can be a bit of a shock to the system can only be described as un-organised chaos. When visiting to pick up a van or get work done you just have to chill out relax and right off the day as an experience.


On the plus side they will give you a very good deal, they will drive the van to the port for you. They have never let us down. They have a lot of clout with Hymer & often get work done when the van is out of warranty. We have met a few British people over there that are on their 4 or 5 van from them we have just ordered our second one. Also getting work done by them is often a lot cheaper than the UK, we had our accident repair done by them the final bill was less than the quote.

They are only 75 miles from Calais or 60 from Dunkirk.


Cost wise about 10,000 reasons to buy from them, van I'm buying with all the extras comes out at around £57k inc UK VAT with eoro @1.2 every cent the Euro goes down against the pound I save about £500, will cost about another £500 to get on the road but UK list with the same spec £77k so even if I got a good discount in the UK I reckon it would cost 10k more.

I've ordered LHD made a mistake on the last on had RHD. If you want RHD it's 1500€ extra and the delivery can take a few months longer as you have to wait untill they run a batch of RHD down the line.

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