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motorhome battery discharge ahah


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Hi,not being an electric man i need some help to identify a problem please, the battery on my motorhome is discharging even when we are pluged in to the hook up on a site its pulling .03A and nothing is turned on can a loose wire somewhere be the problem?. Any help would be great thanks :-(
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I think more info is needed.


When you say it is pulling .03 amps I assume you mean the readout is showing a discharge of 0.03 amps from the battery. That would be normal particularly if the readout is illuminated. 0.03 amps is a very small discharge.


If it is showing a discharge of 0.03 amps when on hook up you would need to check that the hook up is actually connected to the charger and the charger isn't switched to only charging the vehicle battery.




1) What 'van is it (type, year, model)

2) What charging system is fitted.

3) Is there a separate fuse panel

4) Rather than the amperage - can you tell what the voltage of your battery is whilst on hook up.

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