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Overnight stay on dockside.

rolling r

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rolling r - 2014-02-02 8:43 PM



Hi all,


We are off to Spain on 25th February, Portsmouth to Santander and returning via Bilbao to Portsmouth.


Our question is can we stay overnight at Portsmouth docks and Bilbao docks ???


Any advice we receive would be most welcome






As your ferry leaves at 11 am, I doubt you would be able to stay at the dockyard. I would ring and ask them , they may have somewhere to park up. As we live within 10 mins of the ferry we don't have to worry about this


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The Brittany Ferries website has an information webpage for each of the ports it uses. These webpages include parking advice.


The Bilbao advice suggests that you should be OK to park overnight there as long as there's space in the terminal car-park.




Portsmouth is trickier




The advice for 'on the dock' parking is


"...If you have an early morning sailing Caravans / Motorhomes can be parked in the check-in lanes after midnight. The vehicle is parked at your own risk and should not be left unattended..."


It used to be permissible to park motorhomes overnight around the edge of the embarkation parking area, but Brittany Ferries are much more security-aware nowadays and (based on my own experience) insist that vehicles park in the check-in lanes.


I would have thought it should be OK in your case, though you would need to be prepared to move your motorhome in the early hours of 25 February if you parked in a check-in lane that was assigned to another route.


As P Jay says, it would be sensible for you to check with Brittany Ferries about Portsmouth overnighting.


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