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Just returned from mot test. Condensation in headlights need fixing, but hasnt caused failure yet.

How do they come out for drying out..?? Explanation please.


second advisory, water tank straps are corroded and need attention..not a failure yet. Local fabricator job ??


3rd advisory, exhaust bracket on tailpipe also corroded and need replacing..not a failure yet..

Peugeot advise this is not a peugeot spare, and is special order from van manufacturer..Autocruise..

another fabricator job??

Exhaust specialist said not a standard fitting, might need complete system !!!!. They definitely wont get the job.


4th advisory. Front radiator support cross member badly coroded along front edge..suggestions please.


local recommendation for fabricator Ringwood, ferndown area. Needed.please.


thanks, tonyg3nwl.




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Guest pelmetman

You don't say what camper you have?...................although I doubt you should have any problems with someone to fix it in your area ;-) ................



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Tony's motorhome is a 2005 Peugeot Boxer-based Autocruise Starfire with 2.2litre motor and he has mentioned some of these problems in other postings






Removing a headlamp involves first removing the vehicle's radiator grille (4 Pozidriv screws). This will reveal the headlamp’s two mounting bolts. Undo the bolts and detach the electrical connectors from the headlamp. The headlamp is further secured by a "clip-in" retainer on the wing-side of the light-unit and judicious force will be needed to separate light-unit from retainer.


(The above is a summary of advice given in this earlier thread)





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