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Ducato 130 multijet Timing belt


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How lucky do you feel? (lol)

My was only just over a month from leaving Fiat to being converted and me picking up in 2008 so I've left it for now. Yours coming up for 7 years from leaving Fiat I think I would change it bearing in mind the cost of a new engine.

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Nick Fisher (euroserv) advised on timing-belt changing on older X250 models in this earlier thread




I note that the Fiat Owner Handbook for current-model Ducatos (Euro 5 2.3litre motors) advises a mileage limit of 120,000 miles, when a timing-belt change must be made.


As far as the belt-change time-interval is concerned, the Handbook says


"Regardless of mileage, the timing belt must be replaced every four years in case of particularly demanding use (cold climate, city traffic, long idling) or at least every five years."


A 'condition check' should be carried out at 60,000 miles or 48 months.

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