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Got First Motorhome - thanks for advice


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I've never had, or stayed in a motorhome, and started reading this forum about 6 months ago when we decided to get one. I've found the forum incredibly helpful as a learning resource.

This weekend we bought a used East Neuk Fifer SWB model. We stayed for 2 nights in Scotland in heavy winds, rain and sleet, and have now driven the 350 miles home.

So we've lost our motorhome virginity!

Thank you to everyone who posts on here and, particularly, those who have been kind enough to respond to the half a dozen threads I've started.

I'm sure I'll be looking to pick your brains some more as we develop our motorhoming experience.

In fact I'll start now in another thread!

Thanks and best wishes



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The Duchess and me bought our first M/H Two years ago, why did I wait until aged 74? We've had some great fun since we got Bessie albeit only in the IUK. There's lots of places in this country that we would like to visit before we pop the old clogs and can't think of a better way to do it!


After the kids grew up and we could afford it, we spent a lot of our holiday abroad and during my army service I saw a lot of the world. One experience was to spend almost 18 months on Christmas Island during the H bomb tests and I witnessed 3 explosions (I could tell you a few tales). In those days (1956-657) it was almost a 7 week trip by ship both ways. We docked at places like the Azores, Colon. Panama City, Curacao, Honolulu etc and got shore leave at all whilst the ship picked up provisions, unless you'd been a naughty boy and were confined to ship like my mate and me on one occasion.


I still feel though for all the weather and parking problems etc, there's lot's of the UK I feel I need to visit and what better way than a comfortable modern motorhome?



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