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Compass 410 kitchen cabinets


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Hi all,


I have just noticed that I have had a leak in my compass 410, it must of been happening for some time considering the damage. I am happy to strip the rotten wood and replace. How ever does any one know where I can get some replacement kitchen cabinets...where they were built etc. I am assuming that there must be template out there or order them from some one?


Thanks for your help



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I believe that the Compass Drifter 410 range were built in the early 2000's so are getting on a bit now. This means that new units from the maker are very unlikely to be found. You could try breakers such as O'Leary's to see if they have anything suitable, or take a panel and see if you can get a close matching veneer and get new panels made up, or do them yourself. The framework is probably plywood, or even chipboard, it is the finish that will be the issue.



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Some history of the "Compass" brand can be found here




Depending on the age of your motorhome, it will either have been built at the Compass Langley Park factory or (from 2000) at the Explorer Group Delves Lane factory at Consett, County Durham. (It's quite likely that there will be a data-plate or label somewhere on your vehicle to indicate it's place of origin, or it will be shown in its Compass documentation.)


Compass-branded motorhomes are no longer built, but the Consett factory contact details are here




The Compass and Herald Motorhome Club might also be able to help




Realistically, the chances are nil that you'll be able to obtain replacement kitchen cabinets or templates from the Explorer Group factory. As has been advised above (and on your duplicate Motorhome Matters thread) you could try a caravan breaker as there's the possibility that the same furniture was used in contemporary Explorer Group caravans.



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