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Adding 2nd battery and charging implications


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Currently have a 110Ah leisure battery charged from Sargent EC155 Power Control and Charger Unit. The User Instructions for this states that its a straight 13.8v charging - so not 'intelligent' - and battery size recommended up to 120Ah.


Issue: I want to add a 2nd battery giving me 220Ah. The existing charger will never get these up to 100% Ah so thinking of a CTEK MXS 7.0 to supplement charging.

1. If I wired the CTEK straight into leisure batteries (via 20A fuse) would this cause a problem to the existing EC155? Would have thought not but ....

2. On hook up with CTEK on would it apply intelligent charging if EC155 was also on. Or would I have to switch off EC155 to enable CTEK to do its job?



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