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HALOGEN cooking


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We have just stumbled across a Halogen cooker whilst looking to replace our Tefal electric cooker/grill that broke last year. It seems that these halogen cookers have been around for a few years, but we had never heard of them.


However, it says, both in the instruction leaflet, and in a halogen recipe book, that these cookers are not suitable for use outside. Does anyone know why that is, please? We regularly used to cook outside with our Tefal cooker. It seems to me that there is no difference in principle between one type of cooker and another.


Ta for your expert input.




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peacock312 - 2014-02-23 1:47 PM


No electrical appliance, (mains) should ever be used outside except things like electric lawn mowers which are designed for this purpose,because of a positive risk of electrocution especially in damp or wet conditions.

That's why they invented the RCD units that you plug into your 13amp outlet and then put your plug into that, however if using it via the electric supplied to a MH then I would have thought the RCB build into the charging system would provide the necessary protection.


As with all electrical items though they should NEVER be used outside in the rain or if there is a danger they could get wet, knocked over etc ... basically common sense should ALWAYS be employed to do a 'risk assessment' first!

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