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Rear Fog Light (s) Swift Kontiki 610 Motorhome ( Fiat Ducato 15 Base)


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Keithl - 2014-03-05 7:39 AM


Answer - Perfectly legal.


Construction and Use Regs call for one OR two foglights and if only one it must be central or to the offside of the vehicle.



thanks Keith for the reply.
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But. If there were originally two lights and one has failed it will, I think, be a fail - if the tester spots it. If a light is fitted it must, AFAIK, work as intended.


To be certain you may need to remove the nearside light cluster to see if the foglight position has a lampholder and lamp. Some are dummies with no lampholder, just made so that both sides look identical (of which some can be lamped and connectedto give rear fogs both sides), and some have no pretence of a second rear fog lamp, often using the same position for a single reversing light.


Not speaking of Kontikis in particular, or of motorhomes, but of vehicles in general.

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