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Campbells dealership praise


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Take as you find.


Another visit to Preston yesterday was an excellent example on how we like to be treated as customers.


We'd run a mile from high (or medium) pressure sales techniques, we made it very clear from the start that any deal will be done when we're ready and not before.


Clearly the chap listened.


We had a couple of questions that needed answering, done with aplomb. A stock Bailey 740 had arrived the day before and would we like a test drive? Yes please, brief trundle around the block, no dramas no pressing, excellent.


I appreciate some folk need/want a sales person to 'sell' to them, not us though, this guy has read us perfectly.


So far so good, if closing the deal and forward service is as good then happy days indeed.


We have no connection with Campbells other than satisfied potential clients.





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