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reversing sensors


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I want to fit reversing sensors to my coachbuilt m/home - Rapido 707F. I have found prices ranging from less than £20 to well over £300. Can anyone recommend a reliable system, please, preferably not more than £150. I like the idea of wireless; are these more or less reliable than a hard wired system?
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I had these fitted to my Autotrail, after an expensive argument with a low concrete post.

A guy came out and fitted them for me, got them in silver to match the van, look fine and work well.

Had to get a detachable tow bar though, and no rear bumper.




1 sensor failed after a couple of weeks, a new one was sent out return of post, Good Company. Ray

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geoff111 - 2014-03-28 12:51 PM


Thanks I think! Actually got one but never found it effective specially in bright sunlight. Camera now waterlogged. Was looking for a back-up system having had a crunch.

Regards GC


The camera should be based on CCD technology, not CMOS

It should be mounted as high as possible on the vehicle looking downwards to capture the the two rear conrners and avoid any blind spots.

This position will also prevent the image being bleached by the sun.

The monitor should be mounted so as to have dark surrounding area to optimise contrast. Mirror mounted monitors do not fulfill this criteria.

The camera should be rated at IP68 or IP69 to protect against water ingress.


This type of setup will give much more reliable results than parking sensors.


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