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Tow bar welcome 55 chausson fiat


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Hi Colin -

the Chausson Welcome 55 appears to be on the standard Fiat chassis @ 5.99m long. If that is so, you should have no problem fitting a towbar.

If it has "alternative" chassis extensions, you may need to contact a Chausson dealer for info.

Another source is Watling Towbars http://www.watling-towbars.co.uk/

There is a form on their site where you can insert (rear section) chassis dimensions

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Hi Macclad.... I've just bought a early 2006 Chausson Welcome 55 ... great van... i'm looking to get a towbar and scooter rack fitted.... just wondered if you had got your tow bar yet and perhaps who you got it from..!? *-)


Any more info or advice would be good..!

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