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Hymer S Class Heating Systems


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I am comtemplating buying a Hymer S Class MH of the 2001-2006 series, which were perhaps the last of the "proper" S Class. They have a combination of three or even four heating systems and it is diffcult, now that the brochures are gone into history, to get your head around how they complement each other.


There is a water-filled system which heats the floor and under the beds, a separate blown air system (as in humbler MHs) and a diesel "booster" system and sometimes another separate system to preheat the engine as well as the front end of the vehicle! Sounds a bit OTT but presumably there was method in the madness.


Does anyone have a Hymer S Class brochure for 2005 or 2006 I could have please? Does anyone have knowledge of these systems they could pass on?

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