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Piezo-electric hob igniter failure


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I have a 2 hob plus grill standalone; made by Hi-Gear I think. We used it for griddling and other cooking outside the van. We never used the grill.

After our last trip (Murcia in Feb) I decided that I would sell it, and buy a Cadac.

I checked it over and one of the hob burners doesn't work. The Piezo-electric igniters for the grill and most used hob work fine, but the other hob doesn't.

It sort of looks like the gap from the igniter to the hob is just too far for the spark to "jump" so no spark.

It looks rather fragile, not the sort of thing to tackle with a pair of long nose pliers.

Can anyone suggest how I might get it working?

I can always sell it with a battery operated hand igniter, but would like to do the job properly,



alan b

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