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RansomWare Warning


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This is not strictly a Motorhome matter but this forum seems to get the most attention. Yesterday my laptop was hit with RansomWare and other nasties :'( Fortunately all of my important stuff is backed-up :-D .

And so the reason for the post - a reminder to ensure that you back-up all of your important files.

There's no way back from this RansomWare other than paying the ransom - €500!!!

Cattwg :-D

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It's worth saying that it's not necessarily impossible to recover from a 'ransomware' computer attack. How practicable (or easy) the recovery procedure will be will depend on the type of malware that's involved.




(Obviously, if you store data on your computer that are vital or important to you, it makes sense to back the stuff up securely.)

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