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Autocruise..pre and post takeover


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Hi All,

In our quest to find a MH we've been considering late 2007/ early 2008 registered Autocruise Starfires (i.e new shape cab). I gather that Swift group took over Autocruise in October 2007. Is there any way to identify units prior to Swift affecting the build quality (if they did at all that is)? I'm sure that it would take a while for any changes to filter through. Or whether I should be concerned about his. Is there a build date anywhere on the MH?


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Our 2007 Autocruise is pre-Swift, when looking for spares Swift didn't want to know.

Ring them with vin number you will know when they tell you to get lost, despite the fact that they are identical and built in the same factory by the same workers for some years.

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I did a lot of research before purchasing my used 2006 'genuine' Autocruise Starblazer.


When the new 'X250' Fiat / Peugeot were introduced for 2007, Autocruise had to accommodate the new chassis into their existing models. They started making them before the Swift buy-out.


The 'genuine' 2007 Autocruise ones can be easily identified by the fact the the front bumper / wing moulding is painted white except for the 'bumper' area which remains black. They also had what is in my opinion a rather ugly fairly flat rear panel.


After the Swift buy-out, the front moulding was all white and the rear panel was redesigned to look much better. There were also some interior trim alterations which brought the appearance more into line with the current Swift models and some exterior finish changes.


WARNING: There are a few 'vans that were, it seems, part built when Swift took over and were finished off by the new company. These I will refer to as 'hybrids'. They may have for example, 'Autocruise' rear panels but 'Swift' front ends. They may have 'Swift' or 'Autocruise' interiors.


I looked at one of these hybrid 'Starblazers' at a dealer in 2008 before I bought my 2006 model. It seemed a bit odd, which is what instigated my thorough research.


I do have Autocruise Brochures in PDF format for both the 2007 Autocruise year and the 2008 'Swift' year. I can send them to you via e-mail if you let me have your address.


I did visit a dealer in about 2010/11 I think, where my wife and I were examining a new 'Swift' Autocruise coachbuilt. Several things inside that we touched, fell off or fell apart ...................





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